Seat of Self Love 

There’s this reoccurring image of me on a throne. As there should be for you too. You should envision what your majesty looks like as well and know why you have your own throne. My throne is clothed with red and purple satin, engraved with an intricately placed design of rubies, pearls and diamonds. My seat is much bigger than I am, and I’m rebuilding my seat to be able to withstand the forces of all man power so that it’s not disrupted or dismantled in any way. There are steps to big for anyone to walk up to me. My seat has a tempurpedic interior for its seating, and a bouncy tannish leather for its back bone. This seat has been in the making for the past 5 years, and it’s taken me even longer to even realize that this seat is necessary and that it’s symbolic of my very being. Its an exemplary example of my mental state, even more speciafically, a physical representation of my standards. This seat is grounded and ultra secure with promises of the future and locked in with my own love, and sealed even tighter with God’s love. There has been a few instances lately that have gravitated me out of my throne unto concrete to shower things that did not genuinely even consider showering me back and I shouldn’t have even altered my perspective because I know now that people that don’t willingly sacrifice for you without giving them something in turn will never do so out of the pure delight from their heart, they don’t have it in them. They’re not programmed to love you at the level of love you should have for yourself. Yours is unprecedented, Gods love for you is unconditional/unmeasurable and any other kind of love that doesn’t imitate either or is unacceptable. 

After a brief moment off of my throne, I realize that I should never step foot off of it for any one or anything. My seat of self love will not be intruded by pesky run bys who barely love them self, ones who can’t even define the word “love,” or anyone with hidden interior motives, but most importantly: it sure as hell won’t be interrupted by anyone who isn’t meaning to put as much effort outwardly for me as I do for myself inwardly. I’m readjusted on my seat of self love and my seat is not one to be reckoned with. Your throne isn’t either. 

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