Pa Fuera Paribartana👋🏽✌🏽: Why I Posted A “Before” Pic But Never Followed Through 

In the world of waist trainers, 30 day body transformations, #TeamThick and all these other fitness crazes, I didn’t want to be just another body captured on the web to receive this false sense of recognition and be applauded for taking care of my body. About two days before my 1 month mark, I thought screw this seriously. I decided I’m not doing going to this for anyone to see my physical productivity or un-productivity, and I’m not doing it so that I can post a bomb “post selfie” (side note: which was part of the plan) but I wanted to strip myself away from that initial goal, because it can easily always be that, for the cyber recognition. At first, I did it to challenge myself to really get serious about working out an hour a day every day, to hold myself accountable to something that I told others I would. However, I soon realized that just because I said I was going to post a “post transformation” picture to show my results, It didn’t make me work any harder, nor did it make me want to better myself more simply because I put myself on the line (which I thought it would). What it did do was retract my motives and train of thought, and made me look at this challenge and evaluate what my interior motives were. I had to put myself in check in order to continue my journey, because this is for no one else to see but me. Yes, I will soon share my results and more of my struggles on my journey to achieve my wants, but it’s an inside job more than it is an outside job. Ultimately, this has challenged me to re-think what I want out of myself, and I need it more from myself than I will ever need from others.

It is love, it is perseverance, it is hustle, it is consistency, it’s is peace, it is ME.